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We’re a Milton Keynes web design & development agency, providing a high-class service throughout Buckinghamshire, Northampton and Bedford.



We deliver great websites, using a blend of creativity and technical excellence.

We love a well crafted website that comes together through the skilled efforts of our expert team. Using cutting-edge design and the latest technology, our development process is methodical and fast. We take great pride in delivering the perfect website for every client, and to help your business make a real impact online. See How We Work in more detail.


Our preferred CMS platforms are the world leading WordPress and Drupal systems. All sites are built Responsive, so they can change format, size & shape to fit the platform on which they are viewed. We can also develop custom applications for any type of online system, or bespoke website requirement.


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WordpressPHP & MySQL


Our preferred platforms for web development are WordPress and Drupal, which are trusted by the world’s leading brands.
We can also provide custom PHP programming for any type of online system.

Responsive Web Design

We can design you a website that will respond intuitively to any platform on which it is viewed. With so many accessible devices, including; smart phones, tablets and laptops, you can now ensure that all site-visitors have an efficient, enjoyable and most of all, usable site experience.

Ecommerce Sites

Armadillo not only engage in a bit of online shopping ourselves, but we also develop, design and build ecommerce sites from the ground up! We can build you a shop that provides a complete shopping experience for your customers, with engaging content and easy payment processing.

Website Hosting

Designed and built? Yes. Now your website just needs business-class, reliable and efficient hosting.  We can manage your domain, hosting and email, providing you with a superb personal service and outstanding technical support, with direct access to us by phone or email.

Web Partnering

Our team of expert web developers can help with any type custom development. We work in partnership with design & marketing agencies who wish to outsource their online projects. Our skillset covers all PHP opensource frameworks and any bespoke programming requirements.


We found Armadillo extremely professional from the first meeting. Their personable approach gives you confidence that they are specialists within their field and the resulting website they built for us, didn’t disappoint.

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